Staging and Design

Why Stage?

– Although professional staging is a relatively new industry, people have been “fixing up” their homes to sell for decades. These days, due to HGTV, home buyers have an “expectation” and are willing to pay quite a bit more for a home that is “model home” looking.

– HOME STAGING allows the home owner to retain 5 – 20% more home equity

– VACANT HOMES sell on average for 15% less*

– STAGED HOMES photograph better with 95% of potential buyers searching online first*

– The cost of staging is far less than a price reduction or maintaining your mortgage and utilities while it sits on the market.

– Homes that are staged sell faster and for more money.

– The way you live in your home and the way we market it are two different things.

– According to Zillow, the top two things you can do to your home are… enhance your curb appeal, and hire a Professional Home Stager.

– 90% of buyers say a staged home is much easier to visualize as their future home.

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