Staging and Design

Who I am?

I am Cristiane Gislon, from Brazil, married and mother of 2 boys. I came to this country back in 1996, when I was a teenager. I always being an entrepreneur. I have owned a Cleaning Company for 25 years. I decided to sell the business to start something new, but unknowing that I would create Eleganza so soon.
I always being passionate about Home Décor. When I was 22 years old, I became a first-time homeowner. It was a big achievement for me. first all because I was young and Immigrant. Being a homeowner opened an opportunity to use my creativity and passion for home décor. From that time, I always enjoyed remodeling, improving, and decorating my homes! When I met my husband, we started a construction business which made me have more feelings towards the industry. Today, after years of construction experience, doing remodeling for clients and us, I decided that using my passion and experience would be a good match. So, becoming a decorator was a matter of using my décor feelings, taste and some didactic. It wasn’t an easy decision to start a new carrier. But I can affirm that I am doing what I really love to do, and I put a lot of effort into to better serve my clientele.


Naming companies and products is more art than science. I was searching for something related to elegance, refinement, stylishness with romantic sound to be a warmer word, but more creative than the obvious choices. 

“Eleganza” means refinement or convenience not easily attainable or imitable. 

As Italian is my husband’s heritage, which I really love their culture and my dream is to move one day there when I decide that is time to retire. So, here I am adding elegance to each of the designs I execute.